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Fund Your Studies With A Graduate Assistantship!

Hello, prospective and current Plattsburgh grads!  Happy 2018!  It’s a new year, and one of our resolutions here at Graduate Admissions is for you to have LESS FINANCIAL STRESS! With that being said, we want to tell you all about our graduate assistantship opportunities! First, what is a Graduate Assistantship? (G.A., for short) According to… Continue reading Fund Your Studies With A Graduate Assistantship!

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How to Pay for Grad School

Funding your graduate education can feel like a completely different process from your undergraduate experience.  Most institutions have fewer financial awards available for graduate students than there are for undergraduates, while simultaneously charging a higher tuition rate for graduate credit hours.  Hopefully you started thinking about how to fund your graduate education before you even… Continue reading How to Pay for Grad School

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The Scoop on Graduate Assistantships

Alyssa here! Perhaps one of the most common questions I hear in the Graduate Admissions Office is: “What ways can I finance my education as a graduate student?” Graduate Assistantship positions at SUNY Plattsburgh are an excellent way to finance your time as a graduate student. Assistantships offer tuition coverage as well as a stipend, and are… Continue reading The Scoop on Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate Assistantships

When applying for graduate schools, a big question on my mind was, “How am I going to afford this?” SUNY Plattsburgh offers a number of graduate assistantships to applicants and matriculated students, which provide helpful and pertinent work experience, half or full in-state tuition waivers, and a stipend.  One of the greatest things about working… Continue reading Graduate Assistantships

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The Truth about the Graduate Diversity Fellowship

So often, when I ask a prospective graduate student if they plan to apply for the Graduate Diversity Fellowship, they tell me “no, I don’t think I qualify.”  There seem to be some very common misconceptions about what it takes to qualify for this financial award. I’m here to tell you why yes, you probably… Continue reading The Truth about the Graduate Diversity Fellowship