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There’s Nothing Like the Last Minute

Some of us are a little more familiar with crunch time than others.  There are the rare few who plan ahead, stick to their plans, and accomplish tasks well ahead of deadlines.  Then there are the rest of us.  Maybe you are someone with a tendency to look at a project for the first time… Continue reading There’s Nothing Like the Last Minute

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Testing, 1… 2…

Every graduate program has different admission requirements when it comes to standardized exams, so it’s important to follow the application instructions for your program(s) of interest carefully. At SUNY Plattsburgh, some graduate programs have no exam requirement, some accept only Graduate Record Exam (G.R.E.) scores, and others offer the option to take either the Miller Analogies… Continue reading Testing, 1… 2…

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Educational Leadership in Action

Teacher education has long been an area of excellence at SUNY Plattsburgh, but some may not realize that many of the region’s great school building and district leaders have also come from the college’s post-master’s certificate programs in Educational Leadership. Educational Leadership Program Co-Chairs, Dr. Mike Johnson and Dr. Harry Brooks, have seen interest and… Continue reading Educational Leadership in Action

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Tips for Last Minute Applicants

You may have heard that Monday, February 15 is the deadline to apply for Fall 2016 admission to many of our graduate programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, and is also the deadline to apply for funding opportunities, like graduate assistantships and the Diversity Fellowship. If you’re like many of our applicants, it might be coming down… Continue reading Tips for Last Minute Applicants

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The Truth about the Graduate Diversity Fellowship

So often, when I ask a prospective graduate student if they plan to apply for the Graduate Diversity Fellowship, they tell me “no, I don’t think I qualify.”  There seem to be some very common misconceptions about what it takes to qualify for this financial award. I’m here to tell you why yes, you probably… Continue reading The Truth about the Graduate Diversity Fellowship