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Duo Two Factor Authentication

SUNY Plattsburgh has enabled two-factor authentication using DUO.

Two-factor authentication serves as an extra layer of security designed to prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information.

Duo protects your Plattsburgh account by requiring two forms of authentication to verify your identity when logging into Plattsburgh services:

  • Something you know: your Plattsburgh NetID and password
  • Something you have: a physical device (such as mobile phone, tablet, or landline phone)

Duo was enforced for all Faculty/Staff in Fall of 2019.

Student enrollment begins January 27th 2020.
There will be a 30 day opt-in period where students will be presented with the screen, but not forced to enroll in Duo. You will be given an option to bypass the enrollment screen. After 30 days enrollment will be required.


Step One

Authenticate to any SUNY Plattsburgh application like you normally would. 

CAS authentication screen

Step Two

Either click the "Start Setup" button to begin the enrollment process, or click the "Bypass Duo for Now*" button to continue on to your application and enroll later. You will have this option until Feb 26, 2020. Continue to step three to continue enrollment. 

Duo Enrollment Screen 

Step Three

Choose the device you'd like to add. A mobile phone is recommended. Scroll down to "More Information" to learn about other options. 

Dup Step 3

Step Four

Enter your mobile phone number. If you already have the Duo app installed for another organization's MFA then Duo moves on to verifying your identify, if not, Duo will send you a text with a link to download the app for your phone's platform. Scroll down to "More Information" below for direct links in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Duo Step 4

Step Five

Verify your identify by having Duo call or text you a special code. 

Duo Step 5

Step Six

Your device is added! Optionally change your settings to have a push automatically sent to your phone when you authenticate. Then, click "Continue to Login". 

Duo Step 6

Step Seven

Finish logging in by testing out your Two-Factor Authentication setup! One you complete this step, the "Bypass Duo for Now*" button goes away and you will be required to authenticate with Duo each time you login to a SUNY Plattsburgh service. You can optionally click the "Remember me for 8 hours" to not have to Duo authentication on your private devices for 8 hours. 

Duo Step 7

More Information

How does it work?

Once your account is enrolled in the Duo process, you will be required to add a "device" to Duo that is a secondary means of authentication. When you login to the central authentication system, you will be required to take action on this device. Currently, we are supporting individuals in enrolling the following devices

  • Smartphones (via apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)
  • Cellphones (using SMS or telephone call)
  • Landlines (using telephone call)
  • YubiKey U2F (specialty USB device, blue version, limited quantities or personal purchase

Best Practices for Using DUO at SUNY Plattsburgh

  • Download and use the app, it works everywhere, anytime, even without cell coverage or wifi
  • In case your forget your cell phone at home, generate bypass codes and store them in a secure location
  • If you don't have pass codes and forget your cell phone or tablet, call the Helpdesk at 518-564-4433 to get a one-time passcode

Frequently Asked Questions

View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Duo and links to our knowledgebase articles containing frequently asked questionsand links to the Duo guides.

You can also visit the Duo's Guide to Two-Factor Authentication directly for tons of helpful information. 

10-Minute Getting Started Video

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