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What Are Our Grads Up To This Summer?

Hello and happy warm weather season…finally! Summertime offers many opportunities for our grads such as…

work experience, volunteer time, travel, summer classes, vacations, and more!

So grads, whatcha’ doing this summer?

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Raeanna Levenson, Special Education: “After graduation I will continue teaching at Beekmantown Elementary for the rest of the school year! Then I will likely go home and figure out what I’m doing with my life.”



Skylar Hunyadi, Clinical Mental Health Counseling: “I’m taking two courses this summer, one for trauma-informed counseling and one in research. I am also starting a new job at the Child Coordinating Council of the North Country. Oh, and I’m going to Cape Cod for a week in August!”



Michaela Cahoon, Adolescent Education: “This summer I am working in Graduate Admissions and the Event Management Office. I am also subbing at both Chazy and Saranac schools, so I can continue to get hands-on practice in the classroom. I also work at Happy Pike! Come out for some ice cream!”

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Brooke Layhee, Student Affairs and Higher Education: “I’ll be starting a new job this June. I will be the new Study Abroad Advisor in GEO here on campus, and it will be counted as my internship in the Fall, so I’ll be graduating in December now!”



Jane Hall, School Psychology: “I’m just going to be working at the hospital and at Nexus during the week. Early August I’ll be going to Ireland with my boyfriend, and will be back about 2 weeks before classes start.”




Rachel Abrahamsen, Clinical Mental Health Counseling: “So I am embarking on switching jobs this summer! I’m still staying with the same organization, but I will be entering the Clinical Department! I’m hoping to gain important insight and knowledge about the field in a somewhat different context than counseling. I am also so nervous because it is new, but I feel prepared and I’m ready to learn and thrive. Also I plan to kayak often!”




Rita Aliperti, Clinical Mental Health Counseling: “This summer I’ll be road tripping to Colorado with my boyfriend, and then I’ll be returning to Plattsburgh to take an Ecotherapy class. After that ends, I’ll be completing a yoga teacher training in Montpelier for the rest of the summer.”




Ashley Clark, Clinical Mental Health Counseling: “I’m planning on finishing my internship hours! I was also hired at PROS at Behavioral Services North!”





Taeko Kelly, Student Affairs and Higher Education: “I’m going to be the Staff Recruitment and Development Intern for the office of Residence Life at University of Massachusetts Lowell! It’s a 10-week paid internship. I’ll be sharing an apartment with other interns.”





Ashlie Guinness, Special Education (Birth-Grade 6, Social Studies): “After graduation, I will be teaching abroad in Italy for the months of June and July. During my stay in Italy, I will be traveling from different towns and staying with various host families, which will allow me to truly be submerged in the Italian culture. I will be returning back to NY the first week of August and will begin to prepare for the upcoming school year as a 1st grade teacher!”



Steffaney Wilcox, Adolescence Education (History): “I will finally be graduating from the History/Adolescent Education program in May and will be returning home for a few weeks after graduation! Probably will spend 80% of that time sleeping! This summer I will be coming back to plattsburgh for part of the summer to be a Tutor/Counselor for the Upward Bound program! I’m super excited because this will be my second summer with the crew of Upward Bound!”


Yay for our grads, both graduating and continuing students!!!

From all of us in the Graduate Admissions Office…

We hope you have a spectacular summer full of learning opportunities, relaxation, and adventure. 

We’ll be posting blogs during summer, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Instagram!

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