Tips and Hints for Grad School

Grads ❤️ The Earth

Hello, fellow Earthlings–Happy Earth Day! 

Look out the nearest window, or better yet, step outside and spend a few moments to admire the natural world.


Environmental activist Wendell Berry once said, The earth is what we all have in common.” It’s no secret that college students and campuses can do a better job of caring for our earth. Graduate school can be a demanding time and can take away from focusing on the overwhelming current issues with our environment.

While in grad school, many things are on “on-the-go,” doing school work and eating may happen at the same time, and coffee consumption usually skyrockets. With your studies asking so much of you, along with your life outside of classes, we understand that spending a day in the park picking up litter seems like a heavy task. However, we researched some eco-friendly practices that are easily adaptable to grad life.

🌎 We invite you to try two eco-conscious practices from the list below  🌎

Note: Many of the ideas below were given to us by our grads via social media! Keep up the good work and spread your environmentally-conscious practices by sharing this blog on your social media platforms!

Reduce Food, Plastic, and Packaging Waste

  • Pack your lunch and use a reusable lunch box/containers
  • Use glass containers to transport daily snacks
  • Say no to plastic straws, instead carry around a metal straw
  • Use refillable K-cups or filters
  • Keep a to-go coffee cup in your bag
  • Consider a meatless Monday or a vegetable-filled Sunday!
  • Swear off plastic bags, instead carry your items, or use reusable bags
  • Bring food scraps to a local farm’s compost pile (email for more info on this!)


Reduce Use of Paper items

  • Take notes on your laptop (if your professor is okay with this)
  • Even better, download extensions on your browser that allow you to easily take notes, highlight, and study
  • Encourage professors to send handouts/slides via email, or post them to Moodle
  • Use rags instead of paper towels
  • Switch to paperless billing
  • Try out an E-book


Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

  • Choose to walk to class, around campus, and to do errands.
  • If you need something quicker, bike, rollerblade, or longboard!
  • Try to carpool with your friends to events, shopping locations, houses, etc.


Exercise and the Environment

  • Take a trash walk! If you like to go for walks or runs, bring a reusable bag and pick up trash as you go. You may be surprised how much debris lingers on your route!


We hope that you try out a few of these environmentally-conscious habits! Comment below with more ways to show the earth that we will do better 💚




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