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Student Perspectives: Why SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate Study?

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” 

― Leo Tolstoy


Happy Spring, everyone! What plans and projects do you have for this time of year? Here in Graduate Admissions, we are helping accepted students decide if Plattsburgh graduate study is right for them. But who better than to help than our current grads? We asked Emily Kerr, Jake Santilli, and Molly Martindale to share their graduate school sentiments. We hope their stories give you an idea about how Plattsburgh Graduate Study could be right for you 🙂

Jake Santilli – M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

  • From Ballston Spa, NY
  • B.A. in Psychology & Human Development and Family Relations
  • Undergrad @ SUNY Plattsburgh

jake.pngI chose to continue my education at SUNY Plattsburgh because I enjoy living in the Adirondacks. I also value the relationships and connections I’ve formed with peers and professors on this campus. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program offers the opportunities and support that I was looking for in a graduate program. I’m very happy with my decision and thankful for my campus community. The best part about being a graduate student is being surrounded by people who can relate to my passions, interests, and concerns. Also, we are always able to find support either from our cohort or from our professors. I appreciate the professors in my program, because they take great care to ensure we are growing and succeeding.”

Emily Kerr – M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology

  • From Plattsburgh, NY
  • B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Undergrad @ SUNY Plattsburgh

IMG_20170820_180944_648“It was super easy for me to choose SUNY Plattsburgh for my graduate degree, because I had an extremely positive undergrad experience here. Also, SUNY Plattsburgh is one of the few schools in New York that offers an accredited Speech-Language Pathology program. One of the best aspects of being a graduate student is my cohort. Most of us were strangers to one another when we started the program. But now, as we near graduation, I consider them to be some of my closest friends. I believe that these friendships developed as a result of the complexity and rigor of the Speech-Language Pathology program. The challenge prompted me to bond with my cohort and also provided intellectual growth opportunities. Overall, it is great to study subjects that I am invested in.”

Molly Martindale – M.S.T. in Adolescent Education (English)

  • From Plattsburgh, NY
  • B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing
  • Undergrad @ Oswego
IMG_3114.jpg“I decided to come to SUNY Plattsburgh for graduate school because I grew up in the area, and I wanted to stay in the Adirondacks after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. After several years in the workforce, I was really missing a connection to my love for reading and writing. I also enjoy working with kids and believe that students need strong teachers to advocate, encourage, and support them. The teaching program at SUNY Plattsburgh is a perfect fit for me: I can incorporate my passion for English and writing with my enjoyment for working with students. I look forward to a career in which I can make an impact on the lives of others.  My favorite part of being a graduate student is getting the chance to apply what I’ve learned on the college campus in the field itself–in my case, a middle school or high school classroom. I believe it’s incredibly essential to embrace the time spent in the professional world, learn from seasoned teachers, and practice your craft before receiving a degree. Spending time in classrooms has only reaffirmed my love for teaching, and I’m so thankful to be able to practice my skills within a safe and professional environment.”

There you have it! Three awesome grad student perspectives.

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