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Hello, prospective and current Plattsburgh grads!  Happy 2018!  It’s a new year, and one of our resolutions here at Graduate Admissions is for you to have LESS FINANCIAL STRESS!

With that being said, we want to tell you all about our graduate assistantship opportunities!

First, what is a Graduate Assistantship? (G.A., for short)

According to good ol’ Wikipedia, “A graduate assistant is a person who serves in a support role (assistantship) at a university, usually while completing post-graduate education. . . . Assistantships provide experience for graduate students, increasing their future employment options.”

This is pretty on the nose!  SUNY Plattsburgh’s Graduate Assistantships offer three different types G.A. opportunities:

  • Administrative: providing administrative support to various offices on campus
  • Research/Teaching Assistants: contributing to an academic department via tutoring, research, supervising, etc.
  • Residence Hall Directors: responsible for all managerial and programmatic aspects of operating a residence hall and supervising a staff of undergraduate resident assistants

Each role is unique in the type of experience they have to offer, and every G.A. position provides a graduate student with the opportunity to grow in their professional life.

In its most basic form, a graduate assistantship may serve as a stepping stone to the professional, post-grad world. 


Our Graduate Assistantships provide either full-time or part-time assistantships.  With full-time G.A.’s working 20 hrs/week and part-time G.A.’s working 10 hrs/week during the awarded semesters.

Are you eligible to apply?

You must be a current or aspiring full-time, matriculated Graduate Student of SUNY Plattsburgh to apply

On that note, applying for assistantships is not entirely about being qualified for the job (as in résumé experience perfectly matching the job description).  Applying for these positions is also about being capable of trying something new Putting your application into the pool says, “I am competent and willing to bring what I know to this job and learn along the way.” That kind of attitude is key!

What do you gain from a Graduate Assistantship?

  • An in-state tuition scholarship and stipend
  • Residence Directors also receive free, on-campus housing and a partial meal plan
  • The option of a Faculty/Staff parking pass
  • Extended library loans (as you are considered campus staff)
  • Access to Professional Development events (conferences, workshops, etc.)
  • Opportunities to work with the student population, explore the culture of academics, and refine leadership skills


How do you apply?

There are two parts to applying for a graduate assistantship:

  • The first is to fill out Part One of the application, which asks you basic information about yourself and which GA you would like to apply for.
  • Second is to complete Part Two of the application, in which you will upload your current résumé and one general cover letter to the Human Services Portal.

After this, your information will be shared with the supervisors of the positions you have indicated an interest in, and an interview may be requested.

Positions open for 2018-2019 include:

Remember to Apply for the G.A. positions

by February 15, 2018.

Note: To be eligible, you must have a complete admission application on file by February 15 as well (or be a currently enrolled continuing graduate student).

Hear from a current Graduate Assistant!

Snapchat-925190150My name is Skylar Hunyadi, and I’m the full-time Graduate Assistant for the Graduate Admissions office.  I’m also the person writing this blog, so this worked out pretty well!

I applied for a handful of assistantships, not confident in the one that would suit me best.  However, I knew that they would each offer me a distinct learning experience.

My advice to you would be, when writing your cover letter/letter of intent, is to focus on the professional aspect of this endeavor.  Ask yourself, what professional skills can you bring to an assistantship and what would you like to work on? 

As far as actually being a GA for an on-campus office– I love it!  Like many offices who have a G.A. on this campus, the Graduate Admissions office welcomed me as the new G.A. and provided support for me with both my professional and academic goals.

It’s important to note that Graduate Assistantships are a lot of hard work.  This type of job tests your time management for sure, but I believe that I’m better off for it!

Having a Graduate Assistantship does lessen my financial burden, and continuously strengthens my professional development. Overall, being a Graduate Assistant has enriched my personal journey through SUNY Plattsburgh and I strongly encourage all graduate students to apply!

Note: if you don’t think you can manage to work as a GA while in grad school, consider applying for the Diversity Fellowship. This award provides tuition funding for up to five students each year, who successfully demonstrate through their application that they will contribute to the diversity of the graduate student body.

Have more questions? Good!

We are happy to answer them via phone, email, or in person!

Graduate Admissions Office
Phone: (518) 564-4723
Toll-Free: (800) 723-9515
FAX: (518) 564-4722

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