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Cultivating Community: A ‘thank you’ to all of our PSU grads!



First of all…

We want to say thank you to all of our grads (new, current, and graduated!). You’ve shown continuous support for our efforts in planning and executing grad student social events. In turn, you’ve built a solid and exceptional community of people.



Photo from: Naked Turtle Summer Social, July 2017


If you’re new…

Our social events are a great way to de-stress and unwind from a busy day/week of graduate work.  Every semester, the Graduate Admissions office hosts a handful of events for our grads to get to know their peers and to enjoy in relaxing activities.  We’ve hosted events ranging from paint-and-sips, to bowling, to trivia nights! We try to create a variety of events that are accessible and interesting to our grads.

(Side note: we’re open to feedback! if you ever have an idea for a grad meet-up, feel free to contact us!)

A few weeks before each event, a Facebook event page is created where we post important info (time/place/etc.).  We highly recommend RSVPing on this page so our office can order enough food and accommodate for larger crowds if necessary!  We also encourage you to invite any SUNY Plattsburgh graduate students whom you are friends with to our events, as we can only personally invite the “Facebook friends” of our admins.

facebook event


Here’s a link to our next event:

These event pages are easily accessed through our Facebook Page.  For quick reference, check out the schedule of Fall 2017 Graduate Student Events below!

(Take a pic/screenshot the schedule so you don’t forget).



Thursday, September 7th @ 5:00 PM: Welcome Back Graduate Students event at SIP. Food will be served! All new and current grads are encouraged to join us. Saturday, September 9th @ 6:30 PM: Amazing Grace Winery FREE concert of jazz pianist Steve Collier. Located at 9839 U.S. 9, Chazy.
Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7-9 PM: Trivia Night at Olive Ridley’s, downtown Plattsburgh. Games are done in short rounds, so you can join in the fun whenever you get there! TBA, October:  ADK Ghost Tour meet-up. There are a handful of public tours offered in October. We’re looking at the “Spirit’s SUNY Plattsburgh” tour.


Sunday, October 22nd @ 1:00 PM: Banker’s Orchard pumpkin patch featuring hayrides, a petting zoo, donuts, cider, and apple picking! Saturday, November 4th @7:30 PM: Elk’s Lodge, “Completely Stranded” FREE improv comedy show. Seating is first come first served.
Thursday, November 9th @ 6-11 PM College Night Bowling at North Bowl Lanes. Come bowl with us for only $8 per person, which gets you 2 games and a shoe rental!


December, 11th-15th @ 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Free Coffee Week at the Graduate Admissions Office. Get some fuel for finals week!


Why should you and your friends should come to these events? (In addition to getting awesome grad swag!):

Even for seasoned students, it can be hard to rationalize taking several hours out of your busy week for some fun.  Trust us, we understand!  Our office is composed of new and experienced grads, each with our own list of responsibilities and busy schedules. However, engaging in community events begets a subtle sense of trust.  Something as simple as having one more person to say ‘hello’ to during your day is reason enough to join the community that’s been growing, and continues to grow every semester.


grad students rock

Photo from: Buffalo Wild Wings grad event, February 2017


Of course our program cohorts gather more often throughout the semester, and that’s okay; the cohort model we use here at Plattsburgh is meant to encourage a more specific-to-your-studies support system.  But remember, there are dozens of other graduate students, in a variety of programs, that you may get along with phenomenally. We work to offer a warm atmosphere for grad students to mesh together, laugh, and put their workload on the back burner for just a few hours.  As we mentioned in our previous blog post “Summer Blues: Transitioning From the Sunshine to the Classroom,” you don’t have to fit the stereotype of a stressed-out grad student.  Allow yourself the few hours of fun.  Allow yourself to enjoy this very short chapter of your life. Besides, everyone has something unique to bring to our gatherings. The more the merrier!




Also, don’t forget our famous FREE coffee week, which occurs during the last week of every semester…the time when it matters most!  We’re happy to offer coffee, treats, swag, and hugs for our stressed out grads!  Here are some photos from previous coffee weeks:


We asked current grads about their experience attending our social events: 


Ruby Lainez: School Psychology

rubyyOne of my favorite grad meetups was the first one that I attended. We had a Welcome Back event at the beach. We were able have deli foods, play volleyball, and go in the water. I really enjoy grad meetups because I get to meet people from other graduate programs. It is also really hard to find grad students because we are all so busy. These grad meet ups helped me realize that there are other people going through difficult course work as well. It is super important to make time for fun during grad school, because it is the only way you can take care of your mental health. It is really easy to get sucked up in work and books, so taking even 30 minutes a day to relax will really come a long way. 


Elizabeth Canne: M.S.T. Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)

elizabeth.jpgI would say that my favorite grad meetups have been trivia nights at Olive Ridley’s or Plattsburgh Brewing Company.  I enjoy trivia nights because they’re a casual type of event that allow students to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.  Even if you don’t know the other students, you’re all connecting by answering the trivia questions collectively, which helps all to feel involved.  Plus they usually have good deals on burgers and drinks on trivia nights!  I think it’s important for graduate students to make time for themselves because it’s so easy to isolate yourself when you’re busy with school work, and it can be a lonely feeling. It is important to create and maintain friendships throughout school.  I have learned that focusing solely on school and nothing else can wear you down and make you more stressed out in the long run.  In my experience, my friends are always there to help and answer questions, and since they are going through a similar situation can easily relate and empathize with whatever you are going through.


Desiree Gonzalez: Clinical Mental Health Counseling 


One of my favorite meetups was the Welcome Back Bash that we had at Buffalo Wild Wings.  What I enjoyed most about that event, and other grad meetups is that it gives me a chance to catch up with classmates in our cohort, as well as students that we don’t get to see from other graduate programs.  It’s not only a fun time, but it’s also a great networking opportunity, and a chance to de-stress.  Overall, I think it’s vital to have fun while in graduate school because without some type of solace, grad students could experience exhaustion or burn-out.  I highly recommend incorporating fun into your self-care plan as a graduate student this semester! 



Again, thank you to all the grads who’ve attended or plan to attend our social events! We love putting a name to a face and hearing about your journey thus far.  We hope you can find the time to attend some of our SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate Student events this Fall!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the our office!

Visit us: Kehoe 113

Call us: 518-563-4723

Email us:



Fall is coming!




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