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Where Are They Now? Graduate Alumni Perspectives

Danielle Morales graduated from the School Psychology (M.A./C.A.S.) program in 2014. She is now working and living in California as a school psychologist. Read on for more about Danielle’s experiences:

“I was initially drawn to the School Psychology (M.A./C.A.S.) program at SUNY Plattsburgh due to the positive things I read online regarding the careers of school psychologists. I read a few articles that noted the employment prospects for the vocation were very strong, and also read that the compensation and schedule were very competitive for mental health careers. I was drawn to Plattsburgh’s program after seeing the graduate assistantship opportunities that were offered, as well as the affordable tuition. 
danielle m school psychology
I currently work as a school psychologist for DirectEd Specialized Services, an agency in the Los Angeles, California area that contracts various specialists to meet the educational needs of charter schools. As a school psychologist for DirectEd, I work with numerous school sites to conduct various assessments, including evaluations to determine eligibility for special education and evaluations for mental health services and counseling.
Additionally, I provide consultative guidance to charters regarding compliance to federal education law, and adherence to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) policy throughout the assessment process. I also complete consultative training for new charter school employees in the LAUSD school system, and provide broader professional development to sites regarding the management of specific disorders within the classroom setting, such as Autism and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
The assessment courses that we had at SUNY Plattsburgh in our School Psychology (M.A./C.A.S.) program were very thorough and helped me become familiar with a wide breadth of instruments used in the field. It was also extremely beneficial to receive training in behavioral intervention and analysis techniques in multiple classes at SUNY Plattsburgh. Additionally, collaborating with the Neuropsychological Clinic on campus was a unique and invaluable experience, and I still use some of the templates and structures we were taught in this setting. Lastly, the School Psychology program at SUNY Plattsburgh had a great collaborative relationship with schools in the area. I learned a lot from my supervisor at practicum, and was able to observe and apply the skills discussed in class in a real world context.
I would highly encourage prospective students to apply! The School Psychology (M.A./C.A.S.) program at SUNY Plattsburgh will allow you to work in both clinical and educational settings, and there are many career options around the country to chose from.”

Interested in learning more about School Psychology (M.A./C.A.S.) at SUNY Plattsburgh? Visit our website, or contact the Graduate Admissions Office here.


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