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Student Perspectives – January 2017

Have you ever wondered about our current graduates and alumni’s perspectives about their programs? Look no further! In this edition of Student Perspectives, we asked Alexis Clune, a second-year Professional Science Master’s: Environmental Science (M.S.) graduate student for her perspective on her program.
Alexis hard at work with her peers.

“I was originally drawn to SUNY Plattsburgh’s Professional Science Master’s: Environmental Science (M.S.) graduate program for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason was the location! What better place to study in an Environmental Science program than a place surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful nature, like in the Adirondack Park?

The Professional Science Master’s (P.S.M) program itself was also a huge draw. I was always uncertain about embarking on a thesis-based master’s because, for me, researching just one question as my focus was not what I was meant to do. The P.S.M. program allowed me to get my master’s and use internships and leadership coursework in lieu of a thesis. I think this option gives me many opportunities and fits my learning style better.

Most of my classes are extremely hands-on and interactive with nature thus far. I recommend any class given at Miner Institute because I feel like doing the work is better than a lecture on the topic. During this semester I have been using the application INaturalist to document roadkill incidents on roads adjacent to various habitats. This experience has been enlightening and interesting and I plan on continuing it after the semester ends. After graduating from my graduate program, I ideally want to open up my own non-profit, probably dealing with wildlife species or education. I plan on taking my internships in various non-profits to give me a better idea of where I can start. Luckily, this area is full of organizations with options for my internship.”

Are you interested in learning more about the Professional Science Master’s: Environmental Science program? Click here for more information!

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