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Finding Housing in Plattsburgh, NY

There are a variety of housing options available for graduate students on-campus as well as off campus in Plattsburgh and the surrounding area. There is information on the SUNY Plattsburgh website about living in the residence halls on campus, as well as a listing of rentals and landlord information.

boston-apartments-goblinThere are few places for graduate students to go in order to search for roommates or to gather information about what off-campus living in Plattsburgh is like. It can be worthwhile to search websites like Facebook for groups that are housing-focused. Students can also consider posting to the SUNY Plattsburgh Official Facebook page or the SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate Study Facebook page to network with individuals from the College. Craigslist is currently the most widely used resource to find housing or roommates.

Living Off-Campus in Plattsburgh, NY

Utilities in Plattsburgh:

Electricity: Most rentals in the City of Plattsburgh use municipal electricity, which has some of the lowest cost per kilowatt hour in the country. On average, the cost for warmer and summer months in Plattsburgh is between $10 and $30 a month, with an air conditioner. In cooler and winter months, electricity can be between $40 and $100 on average. Factors such as a 2nd or 3rd floor location, new windows, and winterizing can help renters save money.

Refuse Services: Trash pickup can be facilitated through both the City and private companies. On average, weekly pickup and recycling is $30 per month. The City of Plattsburgh has information about cost, pickup dates, and services here. Casella, a private company, has information that can be found at this link.

Water/Sewer: Water and sewer rates are often included in the cost of rent for multi-unit buildings.  The City of Plattsburgh provides municipal water and sewer services to property owners, with the average rate of water use between 70 and 100 gallons of water per day, per person in a rental.  Based on 2015 published rates, the cost of water is $11.65 plus $11.65 for every 1000 gallons used over 2000. The cost of sewer is $20.97 plus $6.00 for every 1000 gallons used over 3000.

Internet/Cable: Packages and bundles for cable are varied in the area. Charter Communications offers an internet-only rate of $60 a month for up to 60mbps and includes a free modem rental with installation. Verizon offers an internet-only rate of $35 a month for up to 3mbps.

Public Transportation: The City of Plattsburgh and surrounding areas are serviced by Clinton County Public Transportation, also known as “Green Busses.” These busses provide reliable public transportation but have limited route options within the City of Plattsburgh. Route information can be found here.

What to Consider When Looking for Rentals on Craigslist:

  • What are the terms of the lease? Is it per semester, 6 months, 1 year, monthly?
  • Is the rent paid monthly, or per semester? Semester rentals do not always include summer months. Instead, each semester may be around 4.5 months long. It is a good idea to ask!
  • How far away is the rental from campus? Taxis are $6-10 on average per ride within city limits. Public transportation is reliable, but has limited routes.
  • What utilities, if any, does the rental include? Utilities can include: electric (heat and hot water), water, sewer, internet, cable, waste disposal, lawn care, and snow plowing/shoveling.
  • Is the rental furnished, or is it unfurnished/partially furnished?
  • If the rental is a shared unit, will you be placed with random roommates, or will you need to find your own?
  • Does the unit have a washer/dryer in-unit, or a shared unit for the rental? Does it use quarters? If there is not washer/dryer in the unit, is it near a laundromat? (Laundromat locations)
  • Are animals allowed in the rental? Many landlords do not allow pets in their units. Cats are more frequently accepted in rentals than dogs.  If pets are accepted, is there a pet fee or deposit?
  • Does the landlord require renter’s insurance?


Questions?  We aren’t housing experts, but we can try our best to help or put you in touch with someone who can!  Email us at


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