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Tips for Last Minute Applicants


You may have heard that Monday, February 15 is the deadline to apply for Fall 2016 admission to many of our graduate programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, and is also the deadline to apply for funding opportunities, like graduate assistantships and the Diversity Fellowship.

If you’re like many of our applicants, it might be coming down to the wire to complete things in time, before Monday’s deadline.  Or maybe you haven’t even started yet… crazier things have happened, I promise you.

If you fall into this category and are starting to panic, let me share a few tips:

  • Scan it and email it – We are happy to accept your application by email.  We know that our current paper application process is a bit behind the times, so the least we can do is allow you to submit it to us electronically.  Feel free to scan your paper copy and send it in to:
  • Last minute recommendations?  Same thing. – We are happy to accept these via email, if they’re coming directly from your recommenders.  Let them know that they can send them to us at and we will write back to confirm we have received it.  If you’ve already received a paper copy in a sealed envelope, you’ll need to turn those in to us to maintain confidentiality (don’t open them!).
  • Transcripts – If you’re a current or former SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate, we have your SUNY Plattsburgh transcript covered, there’s no need to request it from the Registrar’s Office.  We can also obtain transcripts you’ve submitted to the college if you previously transferred coursework in to Plattsburgh from another institution.
  • Test scores – Don’t let a test requirement stop you from applying.  Many of our programs allow MAT or GRE scores to be submitted at a later date, past the February deadline.  Worried about taking an entrance exam at the last minute?  Keep in mind that very often, scores are NOT a primary factor in admission consideration.  GPA, recommendations, interviews, and your personal statement tell us much more about you than test scores do.
  • Our Office Hours – Our office is located on the first floor of the Kehoe Administration Building (#113) and is open 8am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Local applicants are welcome to drop off applications in person.  The Kehoe building is also usually open from 7am-5pm if you would like to drop an application off before or after hours – we have a mail box slot in our door.  And YES, we will be open on President’s Day, Monday, February 15.

Please feel free to email me personally ( with any last minute questions you might have this weekend, I am very happy to help.

Stay warm out there!
Director of Graduate Admissions

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