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Graduate Assistantships

When applying for graduate schools, a big question on my mind was, “How am I going to afford this?”

SUNY Plattsburgh offers a number of graduate assistantships to applicants and matriculated students, which provide helpful and pertinent work experience, half or full in-state tuition waivers, and a stipend.  One of the greatest things about working as a graduate assistant is that your employer is the college, and they know that being a student comes first.  Most offices and departments on campus can be flexible with your assistantship hours to fit in your work schedule around your coursework.

Who qualifies fori-pPQx9G6-X2 graduate assistantships?  Students applying for full-time (12+ credit hours), fall matriculated study who have their graduate admissions application submitted by February 15th can be considered. Current students who are already matriculated, may also apply for assistantships.


Applying is easy!

1.) First, view our current openings to see what’s out there.  Most position openings are posted in December each year, with applications due in mid February.

2.) Once you’ve decided which positions are of interest to you, apply online using this Part One form (also available as a paper form inside the admission application packet).

3.) Submit “Part Two” of the application, which requires a cover letter and resume for your position(s) of interest.  To complete this part, you must create an account for Human Resources by clicking “Apply Now” (here’s the link).

Graduate Assistants Share their Stories

Graduate assistantships are an excellent opportunity.  But don’t just take our word for it!  Here are some comments from a few of our recent graduate assistants on campus:

Susanne, Graduate Assistant for Residence Life and Housing:susanne

As a Resident Hall Director, I have learned an incredible amount regarding both my own self-awareness and skills that will assist me in my future career: education. Working with a large team in Residence Life has been amazing. Even the name games have helped me memorize my student’s names that much quicker!

 Alyssa, Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate Admissions:

Alyssa’s desk in the Graduate Admissions Office is purr-fect!

I interviewed for my graduate assistantship after the typical fall start date, in September of 2015. I began my assistantship in January of 2016 and it’s been an amazing experience so far!  Field experience like this is invaluable: I am able to get a feel for the inner workings of a higher education institution hands-on, as well as work with students directly.  In addition to working with prospective students, I am also able to work with current graduate students through networking events.


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